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Interactive Slot Online Gaming & Communications Corp. Announces 1st Quarter Earnings

Interactive Gaming & Communications Corp. (OTC: SBET) announced that it has filed its 1998 first quarter earnings report. For the quarter ending March 31, 1998 the statement of operations reflects an increase in revenues from continuing operations amounting to $31,344 or an increase of 62.5%.


Revenues from continuing operations include gaming software licensing, advertising, and Internet related Web design fees. The increase in revenues resulted from the Company’s sale of proprietary software and licenses.    Expenses decreased from $378,704 in 1997 to $307,111 in 1998. This decrease resulted from consolidating management and employees in a more economical and efficient facility together with a reduction in administrative personnel.


In March, 1998, the Company sold its judi online  gaming subsidiaries, Sports International Ltd. and Global Casinos, for which the Company received a note for $5,000,000.00. Income from discontinued operations decreased from $144,662 to $134,732. Current liabilities exceed current assets by $827,885 in 1998 compared to $1,702,209 in 1997. The Company had 1st quarter earnings of $.11 per share. The Company anticipates increased working capital in future periods as the $5,000,000 note amortizes.


Further capital resources are anticipated with increased gaming software licensing activities and the development and sale of new Internet gaming software. The Company has sold two software licenses in 1998 from which it expects to receive revenues in excess of $200,000.00.


Interactive Gaming & Communications Corporation is a publicly traded company whose stock is traded on the OTC bulletin board under the ticker symbol SBET. IGC’s main wholly owned subsidiary company, Intersphere Communications Ltd., may be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.intersphere.com


Art Promotions and Ar-Tex Introduce New Art Game


McLean, VA, September 10, 1998: Art Promotions, Inc. is introducing a new educational family-oriented art game: Art LottoŠ. The program, created by Ar-Tex, features information about 22 of the historical masters of art in an entertaining, easy-to-grasp fashion. It is specifically designed as a learning/playing type game to make this experience more fun.


Art LottoŠ is available on CD-ROM for Windows for $12.98     and may be purchased through the Art Promotions web site at http://www.artpro.com/cat4.html or by calling 703 893-7482.


Leonardo (da Vinci), that is, not Dicapprio


Among the 22 artists whose works are presented in the game are Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Renoir, Matisse, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Picasso. In total over 200 works from the Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionism, and other eras are viewable in full color high-resolution images. Kids of different ages enjoy playing Art LottoŠ and acquire the basic art knowledge amazingly fast. The Play mode involves finding and matching correct names of famous paintings and their authors.


Artist and owner of Art Promotions, Karen Francis Rugala, says, “I think Art LottoŠ is an excellent learning tool. It is very easy to play and will make a wonderful gift.

Amazingly, the game appeals to everyone from elementary age school children to post graduates. Anyone, really, who is interested in being well rounded or in mastering the Who’s Who in the art world’s Hall of Fame.”


Mr. Arthur Petrosian, the president of Ar-Tex, feels that “Playing Art LottoŠ is a satisfying way for both kids and adults to educate themselves about famous artists and art history.” Ar-Tex is a start-up family owned company involved in development of 3D animated software and educational games. Art LottoŠ is their first product.


Saturday, July 18, 1998, — Lottonet Gold Fx-pro, a new product for Lotto, Power Ball, Keno, Aptiva players worldwide, is being introduced by DIETNER @ LOTTONET. The program presentation and ordering details are now available at: http://www.statelotto.com/index.shtml http://www.lottonet.com.au/index.htm. It will be available Internet for US$ 189.oo plus $ 14.oo postage.


Lotto, Power Ball, Keno, Aptiva players worldwide’s unique features include totally unique, full color 3 dimensional custom made interface, simplicity of use,

games range is from 3 to 80 numbers, systems range up to 40 numbers for Lotto and up to 80 numbers for Keno, the industries largest and by far, the fastest wheeling system generator (up to 118.755 combinations in 20 seconds), 13 fully integrated statistical sub programs and 6 highly effective prediction sub

programs all presented with animated graphics, 98 results databases. First ever, peace of mind, $ 2.500 compensation paid if any Lottonet computed system fails to win less than specified (4 from 6), (5 from 6) or (6 from 6) minimum winning guarantee!.


All other Lotto programs offered anywhere in the world are totally inferior in terms of screen presentation, user friendliness, number of program options, system size limitations, number of statistical and prediction options, capacity and quality in coupon printing options and ability to manage and update game parameters if they change in the future, regardless of the price and some are selling well above US$ 1.200!


Response to the Lottonet Gold Fx-pro performance so far has been extraordinary with hundreds of letters and email attesting to its uncanny ability to produce winning combinations time and time again.


Lottonet Gold Fx-pro is one of the costliest lotto type software packages ever undertaken (it costed over $ 350.000 to produce).

But finally, the embattled Lotto, Power ball or Keno player has opportunity to obtain a truly professional software package which does contain all the neccesarry options and systems capacity to virtually guarantee a consistent and most profitable winnings at Lotto, Powerball or Keno games.,” said Alojz Dietner, Director.


The company, DIETNER SOFTWARE was established in 1976 in Adelaide, South Australia with Australia’s first ever Lotto calculator called MULTIWIN 11. Since than we gradually progressed to computer software, moved to Melbourne and in 1997 succeeded with the introduction of Lottonet Gold Fx-pro software produced on CD-Rom.


If you are a Lotto, Power Ball, Aptiva or Keno player, anywhere in the world, with determination to win, Lottonet Gold Fx-pro is most definitely a program to completely satisfy your needs and desires! If it fails, and it won’t, you can still claim our unique $ 2.500 compensation!



Judi Online




The casino games now become more popular single days because now all people enjoying playing the gator slots where the slot machines are around used for many years. The slot machine helps to reach the next step that casino around the world. Moreover, with the help of online, you no need to push the lever high instead of simply access the mouse that will perform as the main lever. Additionally, there is a lot of fun playing and excitements are given in the slot games. If you want to fight against other people then wait to take the option of slot machines as it offer the better profits and therefore it brings the machines games according to the present generation. The gator slot has the fancy machines and sharp graphics where all those whistles and stops can see at the casino, from this player definitely takes the win along with the cash money.


Jackpots And Odds:


The online slot provides more privacy and security to the player rather than other slot, this also allow everyone play as more secure, this means online casino never distract the people by the onlookers. Well, today these games are mostly adapted by the students and other people on the online transformations. Today Gator Slots online slots is the best place for enjoying the slot games, here you can get the progressive slots this allow to have the huge jackpots and rewards by paying some dollars, the gator slots are just like other gambling games. So the odds of jackpots and winning is similar to the lottery winning, this not good for players by exciting. In addition, some of the advantages of gator slots the players also can take the complete offers and advantages like the slot bonuses and jackpots in the casino and they are generally provided by the slot.




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If you are interested in gambling problems, you might want to look for news on compulsive gambling, or news on legalizing gambling.

judi online

Benefits and drawbacks of Playing Poker judi online

Online casino poker has come to be hugely preferred with the web creating players that have actually taken place to dominate real-life casino poker competitions and enabling individuals to find out to play online poker in the convenience of their own houses. Undoubtedly there are advantages to playing casino poker from the house, however there are also some drawbacks that may not obviously become apparent and the distinctions between reality texas hold’em and on the internet texas hold’em can often be considerable. The first big advantage of online casino poker is it uses incomparable variety compared to offline choices.

There are actually thousands of online poker games taking place at all times of the day and evening and of the program every imaginable range of online poker games is readily available to play if you look in the best area. Because there are no croupiers, safety or buildings to maintain it’s a lot less expensive to play online poker online, with some tiny minimum wagers and also some sites also providing complimentary poker games which can offer as a very useful learning source situs judi online. The initial adverse side of online poker is the rate at which hands are played. Because there’s no hold-up in dealing or arranging out bets you’ll survive a video game much quicker, so it’s a whole lot less complicated to shed cash promptly, specifically if you’re a beginner.

Disadvantages of Online Poker

The speed also can add to a number of various other concerns judi online. It will certainly be a lot more challenging to follow what’s going on in a game, like adhering to the folds and also maintain a track of the prior activities on the table as you are able to do in genuine life, as some people fold up instantaneously or have their computers do it for them immediately in certain circumstances. This design of fast play can also lead to a streamlined, inevitably boring and mechanical online poker lifestyle, which ultimately is more probable to lead to a practice forming betting problem.

The second most noticeable concern is the absence of physical contact with various other gamers, suggesting it’s a lot more challenging to out-bluff an opponent or observe any tells which will allow you understand when a player is bluffing. This can make high risk wagers a whole lot riskier than they would remain in real life. It’s really difficult to recreate the feeling of a casino poker table online, though some companies do attempt and do this greater than others. Again, the ability can be discussed. But could not you take a look at arise from the 4th quality punctuation?


judi online

The trusted judi bola football gambling agent online

When it comes to enjoying the great deals of different gambling games, the judi online is a trusted online football gambling agent. The main reason to access this gambling agent is offering a great deal of amazing bonus offers for betting as well as provides the instant bonus of 10% on initial deposit. When you are playing the online casino games, the football gambling agent can also provide a good bonus of 7.5 % cash back, which is highly recommended by the gamblers. They also provide the different gaming products to the gamblers, which are most famous in the Europe and Asia.

When you are looking for the leading football gambling site on the internet, the agen bola is a right platform for you. It offers the amazing services to all the members who are all accessed this football agent. It also greatly helps the player to create a game account on this particular site for several different games such as agile, poker, togel and soccer and so on. This online gambling platform is really very easy, friendly and comfortable platform to everyone that brings a great support for the online gambling bets. The only motive of this gambling agent is meeting the customer needs who involved in this.

Why choose agen bola?

The major reasons to choose agen bola is enjoying the unlimited bonuses, discounts and offers for a wide variety of online casino gambling games. This football agent is most famous for giving unlimited promos and bonus to enjoy the game play of amazing games in the football betting. The agen bola is also giving 24 hours nonstop live service for all the members who want to do the transaction on the internet for online gambling. This trusting site can also enhance the quality of services as well as features depend on your gaming convenience. If you are a gaming enthusiast, you can prefer this gaming site for placing bets and win cash.

Enjoy gambling gaming online at judi bola

This entrusting football gambling agent can serve the best service account for all the players. Today, most of the bettors can access this football gambling site for placing their bets and win a lot of cash. Before you start playing this game, you need to create a game account and become a member to get the special bonus as well as a lot of promotions and the best deals.