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4 Tips to Improve Daily Living for Someone with Disability

Disability is a common feature in almost all societies as it is inevitable with the coming of age. However, with a little effort and a lot of love and devotion, we can make a huge difference in the lives of the disabled. Ensuring a better quality of life for the disabled is very important as it makes their lives easier and allows them to do tasks more comfortably and successfully. Here are some simple steps that we can do on our part to ensure a better and more comfortable life for the disabled.



Perhaps the most important step we can take to enhance the lives of the disabled is to empower. How would you feel if you had a permanent disability that restricted your movement and activities preventing you from enjoying life the way you used to at one time? While most people would wallow in self-pity or sulk and brood in a corner of a room, physical abilities are not really of much significance when it comes to enjoying life. Therefore, the best gift that we can offer disabled persons is that of offering them a new reason for living and a new purpose.

Constant Motivation

The thing with motivation is that it doesn’t last; therefore, it is important to regularly keep motivating disabled persons. This usually involves motivating them to become proactive so that they can bring about visible changes in their lives so that they can contribute to enhancing their own lives as well as the lives of others. If you think that this involves traveling to flood-hit areas to care for the affected then you are right. There are countless companies round the world who are known to prefer hiring disabled persons because of their sensibilities toward life. These companies even arrange for transport for the convenience of the disabled persons.

Regular Consultation

It is equally important to book regular appointments with medical consultants or professional healthcare specialists just to monitor the physical and mental wellbeing of the disabled person. Regular trips once or twice a month are ideal as they should not be too frequent so as to arouse fear in the patient as to their condition. Moreover, timely trips also encourage patients to talk to the consultants more freely for the fact that they are regular visitors.

An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop

The proverb, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, fits the predicament of disabled persons like a glove. This is because disabled people who have been restricted to a 10 by 10 room have an alarmingly high tendency of entertaining suicidal thoughts at times. Therefore, you can literally give them a new life just by making an effort to enhance it. It is best to take a note of the things that interest the person in question. There is nothing wrong if a disabled person is interested in attending knitting or cooking classes or even if they have for long harbored the desire to learn music. It is essential to keep the mind active so that it doesn’t deviate to negative thoughts and feelings. Sounds good? Check more to learn about best filler for face volume


Author bio: Andrew has been working in the healthcare industry for the last 3 years specialising in mobility equipment and daily living aids. Andrew loves blogging on patient care.



New Face for the World toto sgp Poker Tour

Courtney Friel has been announced the new face of the World Poker Tour after previous hostess Shana Hiatt decided to step down.

Courtney graduated from San Diego State with a BA in Political Science and minored in Broadcast Journalism. She has since taken that to working in the high pressure world of network television and reporting with Channel One in Los Angeles, working as an anchor and reporter in Jackson, TN, and currently still works in news with toto sgp in Palm Springs, CA. Beyond just her news skills, she has also been highly sought after by other networks for her entertainment reporting, including E! Entertainment Television, Nickelodeon, EBTV Gaming and other shows.

Despite knowing hardly anything about poker before auditioning for the part, Courtney stresses that she would like to bring a lot to the World Poker Tour through her experience in other areas.

“During my audition, I didn’t even know what going “all in” meant! I would kind of say, “OK, he’s going all in…,” not truly grasping the severity of how serious that move is! Once I explained my background in news, where I had to take a large amount of information in a short time and then present it convincingly to viewers in a manner that they could understand and that I would learn the game, the people at the WPT were a little more comfortable with me.

“I really want to be able to produce some of the segments that come up on the program. I like to write and I think I can bring some great things to the Tour. With it being the Travel Channel, as well, I would like to look at the many interesting things that are part of each stop that we have on the Tour and bring that to the viewers.

“I already am getting out into the audience more than what has been seen in previous seasons. I enjoy doing interviews with the audience, the family members of the players and the players themselves. It wasn’t something that was done too much in years previous to this one.”

We wish Courtney Friel the best of luck hosting the upcoming Season Four of the World Poker Tour due to start in March.

UK Gaming Companies Threaten Italy with Legal Action

Gaming companies in the UK are threatening legal action against Italian Regulators unless they reverse changes which outlaw access to gaming sites outside Italy.

The Remote Gambling Association claims that the recent rule changes breach five categories of EC rules.

World Series of Video Games

Louisville will see the start of the six-event, six-month $1 million World Series of Video Games Tour, run by Games Media Properties.


Culminating in December the tour hopes to crown the winner as the World’s first video game champion according to Games Media.




toto hk Players Alliance, IGC Applaud Kentucky Court Ruling

Louisville, KY (January 20, 2009) – The Kentucky Court of Appeals today issued a ruling prohibiting the Franklin Circuit Court from enforcing its toto hk order against the 141 domain names in the domain seizure case.  The Court found that Internet domain names do not constitute a gambling device under Kentucky law and that the Franklin County Circuit Court clearly erred in concluding that the domain names can be construed to be gambling devices subject to forfeiture.

The appellate court was provided powerful arguments from a strong coalition of independent voices who opposed the Franklin Circuit Court ruling. Groups like the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), the ACLU of Kentucky and the Electronic Frontier Foundation all successfully weighed in with the appellate court from a variety of legal perspectives.


“This is a tremendous victory for Internet freedom and the rights of Kentucky residents who enjoy playing online poker,” said John Pappas, Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance. “We are pleased that the appeals court has forcefully reversed Judge Wingate’s earlier ruling and confirmed many of the arguments that have been raised in opposition to the seizure effort.  The Court of Appeals has agreed with the PPA’s position that Judge Wingate did not have jurisdiction to issue the order that he entered against these domains and that Secretary Brown has no legitimate right to deprive the citizens of Kentucky of the legal right to play poker online.”


“On behalf of the thousands of PPA members who live in Kentucky, we hope that Governor Beshear and Secretary Brown will abandon this misguided effort and focus new energies into regulation and taxation of Internet poker,” said Rich Muny, Kentucky State Director for the PPA, who resides in Union, KY.  “This common-sense approach would benefit Kentucky’s poker enthusiasts and the revenue will benefit the state as a whole.  Rather than spending hard to find dollars on this case, the Governor could actually turn this into a much needed new revenue stream for the Commonwealth.”


The Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) also expressed its support of the ruling.


“As a result of the appeals process an informed and judicious decision has been made, which confirms our original views on these proceedings. IGC members are pleased and we stand committed to continuing our advocacy of a regulated online gaming industry.  The IGC strongly believes that if policy makers want to protect children, individuals that suffer adverse consequences of excessive gambling and the general public, the true and only response is regulation,” stated John Kennedy FitzGerald, IGC Chief Executive Officer.


FitzGerald went on to say, “The IGC took a leadership role in advancing these proceedings on behalf of internet businesses everywhere and our organization is humbled by this decision and by the overwhelming support received from internet businesses and free speech organizations everywhere and we wish to thank them for their support throughout this process.”


“This is a very important decision for anyone doing business on the internet,” said Jeff Ifrah, counsel for the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC). “We hope this will prevent misguided state officials from considering litigation against on-line industries located outside of its state boundaries. While this proceeding was ill conceived, the judicial process was permitted to properly function for which we are grateful. The Court of Appeals has now corrected a fundamental misunderstanding by the trial judge in this proceeding regarding the nature of the internet and the legality of online gaming in Kentucky,” said Ifrah.




Blackjack Myths

Many good players believe that if a player sitting at their table makes incorrect playing actions, it decreases their advantage. This is not true. There may be times when a player sitting at third base (left-most seat) hits his 16 when the dealer is showing a 5 and this player ends up busting and the dealer ends up with a good hand whereas if this player did not take the hit the dealer would have busted and everyone at the table would have won (the third base position gets a lot of heat from the other players if basic strategy is not followed). People tend to remember these bad incidences but in reality these kinds of actions have just as much chance of helping the other players as hurting them.

If the house rules are the same, games that use the least number of decks are more favorable than the games that use more decks. This is because the players will receive more Blackjacks and win more of their double downs. The casinos know this and they usually have slightly less favorable house rules on their single and double deck games to offset this advantage.

When new cards are introduced into the game the players are at more of a disadvantage than if the cards have been in play for awhile. This is because new decks of cards are in a predefined order that contain 10-valued card clumps which are bad for the players and they are not completely broken up by the casino wash and initial shuffle. So when new cards are introduced into the game it is best not to play until the cards have been in play for awhile and shuffled for the second time. After the second shuffle the cards will be about as random as they will ever get.

Don’t over tip. The best playing strategies only offer the player between a 1% and 2% advantage over the house. If you are tipping the dealer one betting unit every 20 hands you are giving away 5%. It is almost impossible to make money when you give this much away.

For players playing basic strategy, it doesn’t matter which seat you sit at, they will all yield the same advantage for them in the long run. This is also true for Slot Gacor players who alter their bet size based on the true count. For players who alter their playing strategy based on the true count, however, third base will yield the best advantage.

For players who are playing a count strategy, the less number of players playing at the table the better. This is because they will get to play more hands during high counts when their large bets are out. In order to get even more of an advantage during high counts, some players play multiple hands when the count is high and only one when the count is low, thus resulting in a greater number of hands during favorable conditions.

For players who are playing a count strategy, the deeper the dealer places the cut card into the deck(s) to indicate a shuffle the better it is for them. This is because the true count tends to fluctuate more wildly as the number of undealt cards diminishes, thus offering the players more favorable playing opportunities. For players who play strictly basic strategy, the depth of the cut card has no effect on their advantage.

For anyone who is not counting cards, it is never a good idea to make an insurance bet. Many people automatically make an insurance bet if they have a Blackjack or perhaps other very good hands. In reality it makes more sense to make an insurance bet if your hand does not contain a 10-valued card because this would be one more 10-valued card that could be the dealer’s hole card. Basically, you should only make an insurance bet if you know that more than 1/3 of the remaining cards are 10-valued cards. Many counting systems have a specific true count value that would indicate when it is beneficial to make an insurance bet.

There are almost as many betting strategies as there are gamblers. Many people increase their bet when they get on a winning streak (thinking that the winning streak will continue). Many people increase their bet when they get on a losing streak (thinking that they are due for a win, or perhaps trying to recover their losses in a hurry). Many people have complex betting patterns based on the results of their previous hands. Many people base their bet size on hunches (they feel that they are going to win or lose the next hand). All these betting strategies do not work! In order for a betting strategy to be effective, you must know when the cards become favorable for the players. There are numerous counting strategies that can do this.

You get more of a benefit from altering your playing strategy based on the true count for single and double deck games than you would for 4 or more deck games.

It is best not to give advice to other players who you do not know. If they end up losing the hand after taking your advice they probably will hold some animosity towards you and will let you know it.


Translation Services UK

French Technical Translation

From ‘wheel’ to ‘spaceship’ technology is the chariot of progress of human society. But differences amongst languages pose hurdles in the path of technological advancement. Technical translation plays a crucial role in this era when technology is moving towards globalization. French technical translation ccelerates the overall growth of technology by melting the language barriers.

French technical translation involves presentation of intricate technical information into another language with lucid simplicity. For this the French technical translator must have knowledge of the technical field he is going to represent in another language. He must be well acquainted with the terminologies of the technical world. Technical French translation bridges the paths of technological evolution of the globe.

The page below informs you regarding the top five French technical translation service providers.

Be Translated: They offer top quality translation services at competent rates. Be translated is a worldwide freelance translators network who are expert at providing professional translation within specified time.


Kwintessential: They provide high quality French technical translation service encompassing translation of legal documents, manuals, patents, PR and marketing materials.

TRADU guide They provide accurate professional translations for technical documents at affordable price.

conversis: Conversis consists of a team of expert French translators who are apt at technical translations.More about Translation Services UK

A4 Raduction They offer a wide range of translation services for a broad subject category including legal, IT, marketing, science and technical. The price range is flexible and convenient.

French Legal Translation

Law, institutionalized differently in different lands must come closer in this era of globalization. It is a story of globalization of law and translation plays a crucial role here. French legal translation is one concrete step towards making law and order better throughout the world.

Legal translation needs special expertise for understanding the laws of one land presented through one language. Language of law is colored by the characteristic nuances of a language.French legal translation is a demanding enterprise as it involves lucid transfer of the legal jargons of French to a different language. So, a French legal translator must be skilled both in provisions of law and in language.

The page below displays the names and addresses of five eminent French legal translation service providers.

Kwintessential: They have years of experience of providing high quality translations to NGOs, law firms, solicitors and businesses. They provide translation of French legal documents with accurate lexis, terminologies and vocabularies.

DM McLean:This is a firm which provides high quality translations for French legal documents.

Legal Workshop This site contains the e-mail address of David De Leo who is an Italian translator and provides quality translation of French legal documents in Italian. He also provides translation services for technical and business projects. This site also contains articles on the pros and cons of legal translation.

TRADU guide: This is a community of translators worldwide who offer professional translations for French legal, technical and personal projects.

PROZ: Karen McAuliffe is a member who is a lawyer-linguist is offering freelance translation services for legal documents from French to English.




Togel Singapore Hongkong

Permainan yang terampil, bukan pengaturan waktu, memenangkan Login Sbobet hari ini!

Suami saya berpikir bahwa jika dia “menghitung waktu” ketika dia menekan tombol undian, itu akan meningkatkan kemenangannya. Jadi, alih-alih bermain dengan kecepatan yang sama, dia akan melambat atau melaju lebih cepat, tergantung bagaimana perasaannya terhadap mesin tersebut. Apakah ada logika untuk mesin tertentu yang membayar lebih baik jika Anda bermain lebih cepat atau lebih lambat? Vicky C.

Sinkronisitas mungkin atau mungkin tidak memiliki waktu dan tempat, tetapi dengan mesin video poker, itu diragukan. Tapi pertanyaanmu, Vickie, membuatku berpikir. Sebagian karena klaim kekuatan paranormal tidak pernah bertahan di bawah pengawasan ilmiah, Yayasan Pendidikan James Randi telah menawarkan $ 1.000.000 kepada siapa saja yang dapat mendemonstrasikan sesuatu yang supernatural. Mungkin jika teori suami Anda dapat bertahan terhadap pemeriksaan sistematis, gajian mungkin lebih baik daripada jika dia memiliki royal flush yang sulit dipahami. Belum ada yang mengklaim 1.000.000, tetapi kita dapat memikirkannya dengan baik. Pemain yang terpesona oleh bintang (seperti suami Anda?) yang percaya diri mereka akan menang dari waktu ke waktu; tetapi dalam jangka panjang, pemain yang bermain di mesin yang membayar lebih tinggi, menolak keinginan, firasat dan waktu, dan menunjukkan keterampilan bermain dengan pilihan membuang yang optimal, akan selalu melakukan jauh lebih baik.

Mark yang terhormat,

Di beberapa kolom Anda, Anda menyebutkan kata “menggiling.” Bagaimana apanya? Steve R.

Dalam bahasa perjudian kasino, Steve, grind dapat digunakan dalam berbagai cara. Pemain Sbobet Login yang menggiling umumnya merupakan istilah yang terkait dengan roller rendah. Sambungan penggilingan adalah kasino yang melayani rol rendah ini. Lalu ada penggilingan ke bawah. Di sinilah kasino akhirnya memenangkan semua uang pemain karena keuntungan bawaan yang dimilikinya pada semua taruhan. Terakhir, sistem Togel Singapore Hongkong penggilingan. Ini adalah sistem apa pun yang digunakan oleh pemain yang mencoba memenangkan sejumlah kecil secara sering melawan kasino. Sayangnya, yang terakhir sangat tidak mungkin.

Mark yang terhormat,

Saya baru-baru ini bermain game omong kosong, dan stickman terus meneriakkan “sarapan kontinental lagi”. Apa yang dia bicarakan tadi? Bob D.

Dua gulungan dan tidak ada kopi. Ini adalah saat penembak melempar poin diikuti langsung oleh 7 out, line away. Bukan sarapan dingin, Bob, tapi permainan omong kosong yang tak bernyawa.

Mark yang terhormat,

Hampir setiap akhir pekan saya mengunjungi kasino di Joilet. Kakak ipar saya percaya mereka mengencangkan mesin slot di akhir pekan karena kerumunannya jauh lebih besar. Bagaimana saya tahu pasti bahwa kasino tidak akan mengubah pengembalian mesin mereka? Randy C.

Jangan takut, Randy. Illinois, yang memiliki peraturan permainan yang kaku, membutuhkan dua kunci hanya untuk membuka mesin slot. Satu dipegang oleh karyawan kasino, yang lain oleh regulator permainan negara. Ini mencegah perubahan dalam tingkat pembayaran mesin.

Mark yang terhormat,

Saat bermain blackjack, saya perhatikan bahwa di beberapa kasino, dealer mengambil kartu atas sebagai kartu pertamanya, dan di beberapa kasino, kartu atas dealer adalah kartu terakhir yang dibagikan. Apakah ini membuat perbedaan bagi saya, sebagai pemain? Kim J

Menangani kartu pertama atau terakhir secara ketat didasarkan pada prosedur meja yang ditetapkan oleh manajemen kasino. Kondisi bermain tidak dipengaruhi oleh dealer yang memutar kartu pertama atau terakhir.

Perjudian memikirkan minggu ini: “Subjek perjudian mencakup semua hal. Ini menggabungkan naluri bermain alami manusia dengan keinginannya untuk mengetahui nasib dan masa depannya.” Franz Rosenthal, Perjudian dalam Islam (1975)




Pengeluaran hk

De Rosario Reli Houston Dynamo Untuk Ulangi di Piala MLS Bandar Togel Online

Ketinggalan satu gol dengan waktu kurang dari setengah jam tersisa di kampanye 2007 mereka, Houston Dynamo bangkit di belakang permainan tanpa henti Dwayne De Rosario untuk mengalahkan New England Revolution, 2-1, di RFK Stadium di Washington DC, Sabtu (18/11). ) dan merebut gelar Piala MLS keempat tim dalam tujuh tahun.

De Rosario, 29, memberikan umpan kepada rekan setimnya Joseph Ngwenya, tepat di depan gawang lawan pada menit ke-62. Ngwenya melakukan dua tembakan titik kosong ke kiper Matt Reis, yang kedua lolos untuk menyamakan kedudukan.

Beberapa saat kemudian, pemain kelahiran Kanada De Rosario mencetak gol kemenangan sendiri, menyundul umpan silang dari jarak sekitar 12 yard pada menit ke-74. “Saya biasanya akan melakukan tendangan voli,” kata De Rosario, mengomentari gol tersebut setelah pertandingan, “tetapi saya memutuskan untuk menyundulnya dan untungnya itu masuk.”

Hanya 3 menit dari waktu penuh, kiper Houston Pat Onstad menyelamatkan kemenangan timnya dengan penyelamatan menakjubkan dari ledakan Jeff Larentowicz dari dalam garis 8 yard.

Kemenangan Bandar Togel Online menandai gelar Pengeluaran hk kedua berturut-turut sejak Gempa San Jose pindah ke Houston dan berganti nama menjadi Dynamo. Tim juga memenangkan Piala MLS–sebagai San Jose–di ’01 dan ’03.

New England sekarang telah bermain di 3 terakhir, dan 4 dari 6 terakhir, final Piala MLS, tetapi belum pergi dengan trofi.

Kualifikasi Euro 2008: Inggris pasti lolos

kualifikasi Eropa

Hari terbaik untuk sepak bola Inggris. Dan Inggris bahkan tidak bermain.

Ozren Podnar melaporkan…

Sabtu yang luar biasa untuk sepak bola Inggris! Inggris tidak bermain, tetapi Israel melakukannya, dan Makedonia juga. Tidak hanya satu hasil yang diraih Inggris pada hari yang mulia itu, tetapi dua! Israel mencapai prestasi yang tak terbayangkan mengalahkan Rusia dengan 2-1, bahkan ketika hasil imbang tampak tak tergoyahkan; satu jam kemudian, Kroasia yang tak terkalahkan akhirnya menyerah pada Makedonia yang rendah, yang sangat jarang memenangkan pertandingan di kandang (tepatnya empat kali dalam tujuh tahun terakhir).

Salah satu dari skor yang tidak mungkin ini akan menyelamatkan Three Lions dari keterpurukan instan dari eliminasi dari Euro yang akan datang. Pada akhirnya, kedua hasil itu keluar seolah-olah Steve McClaren sendiri yang merancangnya.

McClaren telah menjadi sasaran ribuan artikel kasar yang berasal dari penampilannya yang kurang cemerlang sebagai pelatih Inggris, tetapi tongkat yang dia miliki pada akhirnya mungkin terbukti tidak dapat dibenarkan. Ternyata tim yang dihina dan dicerca yang dilatih oleh manajer yang tampaknya tidak kompeten hanya membutuhkan hasil imbang di kandang pada hari Rabu untuk lolos.

Terlebih lagi, mereka sebenarnya bisa memenangkan grup kualifikasi mereka, jika mereka mengalahkan Kroasia dengan selisih 2-0 atau tiga gol di Wembley. Bagaimana itu untuk sebuah kegagalan?

McClaren “tidak puas dengan hasil imbang”

Ditawarkan penyelamat oleh pihak ketiga yang tidak diinginkan dalam bentuk Israel, McClaren berencana untuk mengambil keuntungan penuh dari situasi baru ini dan membuktikan bahwa Inggris pantas lolos dengan kemampuan mereka sendiri. Dengan demikian timnya tidak akan berusaha untuk merebut poin sedikit melawan Kroasia, tetapi akan pergi untuk menang langsung.

“Bukanlah sifat Inggris untuk pergi dan bermain untuk hasil imbang,” kata McClaren, menurut AFP.

“Kami di sana, kami di kursi pengemudi. Terserah kami untuk memastikan kami menyelesaikan pekerjaan.

“Apa pun formasinya, kami harus positif dan keluar untuk memenangkan pertandingan.

“Itulah yang kami lakukan di paruh kedua musim. Itu memberi kami hasil dan kami harus melanjutkannya.

“Begitulah cara kami akan mendapatkan hasil pada hari Rabu. Tapi kami harus mendapatkan keseimbangan karena pada akhirnya kami tahu clean sheet akan membuat kami lolos.”

Sangat beruntung bahwa Kroasia secara matematis telah mengamankan kualifikasi mereka, kebetulan untuk acara besar keempat berturut-turut, sehingga skuad mereka akan bersantai secara optimal di Wembley. Karena Kroasia bukanlah Israel. Slavia sangat senang mereka lolos ke Kejuaraan Eropa sehingga mereka akan pergi ke London dengan santai dan tanpa keunggulan kompetitif yang menjadi ciri mereka sepanjang musim.

Inggris, jangan takut

Relaksasi terlihat jelas di paruh kedua pertandingan Makedonia: setelah mengetahui selama jeda babak pertama bahwa Israel telah melakukan pekerjaan untuk mereka, para pemain kembali ke lapangan Skopje yang berlumpur dengan ide untuk melakukan gerakan. Antara menit ke-70 dan ke-80, pertahanan Kroasia tidak terlihat seperti mesin efisien yang biasanya tidak kebobolan dalam delapan dari sepuluh pertandingan sebelumnya. Hasil dari pendekatan seperti itu adalah kekalahan pertama dalam pertandingan kualifikasi dalam 50 bulan, kekalahan pertama melawan mantan tim Yugoslavia lainnya setelah 19 skor positif dan kekalahan pertama di era Slaven Bilic.

Setelah kalah di Tel-Aviv, pelatih Rusia Guus Hiddink mengatakan bahwa ia mengharapkan Kroasia untuk bertarung di Wembley sama kerasnya dengan Israel melawan pasukannya.

“Tim Bilic memiliki kualitas untuk mengalahkan Inggris dan memungkinkan kami lolos,” kata pelatih asal Belanda itu. Kemungkinan itu terjadi sangat rendah.


Togel hongkong

Guru Perjudian Berbicara Blackjack

Saya baru mulai bermain blackjack dan masih dalam proses belajar. Saya sudah mencoba strategi dasar dan menghitung tip tapi sepertinya saya kalah lebih dari apa yang saya menangkan. Apakah strategi ini selalu berlaku atau saya melewatkan sesuatu?

Sang Guru menjawab:

Banyak orang yang baru mengenal blackjack salah memahami fungsi strategi dasar. Anda tidak bisa menang bermain strategi dasar sendirian! Tujuan dari strategi dasar adalah untuk memungkinkan Anda bermain dalam 2% dari rumah. Anda bahkan mungkin melakukan lebih baik dari itu jika kasino menawarkan aturan yang menguntungkan. Tetapi strategi dasar saja tidak akan mengatasi keunggulan rumah. Untuk melakukan itu, Anda harus bertaruh jumlah yang lebih besar ketika peluangnya menguntungkan Anda, dan jumlah yang lebih kecil (atau tidak sama sekali) ketika peluangnya melawan Anda. Ini berarti bahwa beberapa bentuk penghitungan kartu adalah kebutuhan virtual. Juga pendekatan pengelolaan uang yang baik sangat penting. Sistem blackjack yang dapat Anda baca di situs web saya menggabungkan semua faktor ini.

Selamet menulis:

Saya punya pertanyaan strategi blackjack, bisakah Anda memberi tahu saya. Sebagai permulaan, saya bukan pemain blackjack, saya bahkan bukan penjudi. Menganalisis sistem roulette adalah hobi saya. Selama dua minggu terakhir saya telah menghentikan roulette, dan saya telah menjelajahi sistem blackjack, dan saya hanya Togel Singapore tahu strategi dasarnya. Masalahnya adalah…..

Di Malaysia, kasino yang menawarkan blackjack menggunakan tiga deck di sepatu pengocok otomatis, semua tangan yang rusak segera diganti ke dalam sepatu.

  1. Apakah strategi dasar masih bisa digunakan di sini?


  1. Karena pemain base ketiga masih dapat melakukan penghitungan kartu pada sebelas kartu yang pertama kali terbuka, ditambah pukulan apa pun dari pemain lain, strategi penghitungan kartu apa yang Anda rekomendasikan?


Satu-satunya orang lain yang saya tanyakan mengatakan saya harus keluar dari pikiran untuk bermain blackjack di sini sama sekali. Bisakah Anda menasihati saya?

Sang Guru menjawab:

Sepatu shuffle yang mengerikan ini adalah senjata terbaru yang digunakan kasino melawan pemain blackjack. Sejauh ini, mereka hanya diadili di beberapa kasino di Vegas sejauh yang saya tahu. Saya berharap pemain blackjack memiliki cukup akal untuk memberontak dan tidak memainkan hal-hal ini. Jika kasino yang menggunakan mereka mulai kehilangan bisnis blackjack mereka, mungkin mereka akan bangun dan menyingkirkan mereka.

Dengan segera mendaur ulang semua kartu yang dimainkan ke dalam shuffle shoe di mana kartu tersebut dikocok menggunakan generator angka acak, kartu tersebut secara efektif mengambil keuntungan apa pun yang mungkin diperoleh pemain karena setiap tangan yang dibagikan seperti tangan pertama yang keluar dari sepatu. Saya tahu tidak ada cara untuk mengalahkan permainan seperti itu, meskipun seseorang pada akhirnya mungkin memikirkan sesuatu. Satu-satunya cara untuk menyerang hal ini adalah dengan semacam strategi pengelolaan uang.

Jika Anda harus bermain melawan alat ini, tentu saja gunakan strategi dasar. Tetapi strategi dasar tidak akan membuat Anda menjadi pemenang, itu hanya akan membiarkan Anda bermain dalam satu setengah hingga dua persen dari rumah. Penghitungan kartu juga tidak akan membantu karena dengan 3 deck, bahkan duduk di base ke-3 Anda tidak akan dapat melihat kartu yang cukup untuk penghitungan untuk membantu dalam pengambilan keputusan. Selain itu, Anda sudah memasang taruhan sebelum melihat kartu sehingga penghitungan tidak akan membantu Anda sama sekali. Strategi terbaik untuk digunakan saat Anda melihat salah satu mesin ini adalah berlari ke arah yang berlawanan.



Idn play

Kata-kata terakhir yang terkenal: Hardways dan Sbobet

Apa pendapat Anda tentang bertaruh Hard 8 di samping taruhan pass line jika poinnya adalah 6? Clint R.

Hei, Clint, kamu benar-benar ingin kehilangan uang hasil jerih payahmu dalam perlombaan seperti itu? Anda akan dengan taruhan keras, dan inilah alasannya. Taruhan garis lulus, tanpa peluang, memiliki keuntungan rumah sebesar 1,4%. Dengan taruhan $5 dan 50 keputusan bermain per jam, kerugian teoretis Anda (semua taruhan kalah seiring waktu) adalah $5 X 50 X 0,014, atau $3,50 per jam. Hiburan yang cukup murah bukan? Sebaliknya, taruhan enam atau delapan keras pada permainan omong kosong memiliki keuntungan rumah sebesar 9,1%. Kerusakan pada bankroll Anda adalah $5 X 50 X 0,091, atau $22,75 per jam. Jika Anda merasa perlu bertaruh kerabat 8 ​​dengan contoh 6 Anda, tempatkan 8 sebagai gantinya. Tepi rumah hanya 1,5%.

Mark yang terhormat,

Ketika “menempatkan” 4 pada permainan omong kosong, dealer merekomendasikan saya “membeli” taruhan sebagai gantinya. Dia mengatakan itu adalah taruhan yang lebih baik untuk pemain, bukan rumah. Apakah dia benar? Doni G.

Saat Anda “membeli” taruhan dalam dadu, Anda memberi komisi 5% kepada rumah agar peluang yang benar dibayarkan untuk taruhan itu. Jadi apakah dealernya benar? Ya, Anda mendapat informasi langsung, tetapi, pembaca kolom ini hanya bertaruh pada permainan omong kosong yang memiliki keunggulan kurang dari 2%. Taruhan beli pada 4 atau 10 hanya mengurangi keunggulan dari 6,67% menjadi 4%. Itu bukan 2%, teman, lebih seperti satu dolar melakukan 60 mph di zona 30.

Mark yang terhormat,

Ini mungkin tampak sepele, tetapi saya memiliki taruhan kecil pada terminologi omong kosong dengan salah satu teman judi saya. Ketika dadu “lulus”, bukankah itu berarti tujuh telah bergulir dan penembak berikutnya sekarang menguasai dadu? Harold T.

Secara teknis, Harold, dalam obrolan omong kosong, “lulus” TIDAK berarti bahwa dadu diteruskan ke pemain berikutnya setelah tujuh pertunjukan. Anda sebagian benar bahwa kontrol dadu Sbobet ditransfer (“pass” dalam cara berpikir Anda) ketika penembak “sevens out”, tetapi dalam ungkapan dadu, “pass” sebenarnya Idn play berarti sesuatu yang berbeda, dan dengan bangga ambigu. Ya lihat, dadu dikatakan “lulus” ketika penembak melempar angka 7 atau 11 pada lemparan keluar, dan dadu tidak “lulus” ketika penembak melempar angka 2, 3, atau 12. out roll adalah 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, atau 10, angka itu “menetapkan poin”, dan penembak terus melempar dadu sampai nomor poin digulirkan lagi, atau penembak “sevens out”. Jika penembak melempar poin sebelum melempar tujuh, dadu “lulus.” Jika penembak melempar angka 7, dadu tidak lolos, tetapi penembak kehilangan kendali atas dadu.

Saya memperingatkan Anda, Harold, itu ambigu, ya, tapi kemudian itu adalah pertanyaan Craps 102 tingkat perguruan tinggi, jadi apa yang bisa Anda harapkan?

Mark yang terhormat,

Bisakah pemain membatalkan peluangnya kapan saja? Juga, apakah peluang taruhan datang selalu Mati pada putaran keluar? Vic H.

Ya, Vic, untuk kedua pertanyaan Anda. Taruhan Odds dapat disebut “off” oleh pemain kapan saja, tetapi umumnya dibiarkan pada tata letak sampai taruhan ditentukan. Juga, taruhan peluang datang biasanya “tidak aktif” pada putaran keluar, kecuali jika dealer setuju, atas permintaan pemain, agar taruhan peluang “berfungsi.” Taruhan Odds yang “off” pada taruhan datang akan dikembalikan kepada pemain jika taruhan baris kalah pada roll keluar.

Perjudian memikirkan minggu ini: “Ada orang-orang yang percaya bahwa taruhan olahraga adalah aktivitas yang paling tidak berguna.” Dan Gordon



Bitcoin Dice

Best gaming TVs and Bitcoin Dice

All modern TVs are amazing compared to the standard-def sets we were using 10 years ago… at least for watching TV. Gaming, however, is a completely different story. All the fancy filters and post-processing wizardry that makes TV pictures look like you could clamber inside the TV and be in some glorious world, more colourful and crisp even than real life take time to apply. And the last thing you want when you’re gaming is any kind of control delay. So while any of these sets would be great for watching TV, these are the best sets on the market for playing games.


Sony KDL-50W829 Smart 3D 43-in Full HD TV


This is special. With an input lag of just 19ms (when in Game Mode), it’s one of the most responsive LED TVs you can get. Combine that with superb motion and colour reproduction, and this beauty is an absolute steal at $698 for the 50-inch version from Amazon US, or £589 from Amazon UK. At the time of writing, the UK site also has a 43-inch model for £499 (on the same link).


Samsung UE48J5100 Full HD 1080p 48 Inch TV (2015 Model)


There’s no point paying extra for ‘Smart TV’ gubbins when your games console can already do all that stuff anyway. So this Sammy is an absolute bargain, only £351.17 on Amazon UK (not US, sadly) at the time of writing for the 48-inch model, or an amazing £275.90 for the 40-inch version. Expect gorgeous picture quality, a fast refresh rate when in Game Mode, and super-slick picture quality on Film Mode for Blu-Rays.


Sony KD-65X9005B 65′ 4K ultra HD 800Hz


This is a 4K TV, which console gaming is yet to support. However, 1080p games will look great thanks to intelligent upscaling and a decent response rate of 33ms. And it’s 65-in, which is absolutely massive. It’ll be like you’re actually in the game. And just look at the speakers on it! This set has arguably the best integrated sound of any modern flat panel – perfect if you don’t have a stereo system, soundbar or surround sound setup. It costs a rather scary $2,674 from Amazon US or £2,500 from Amazon UK, but with a super-smooth refresh rate and 3D support, this really does pack in everything a gamer could need. And if you’re feeling particularly flush, there’s also an all-singing, all-dancing (figuratively) version for £4,999 from John Lewis.


Panasonic TX-40C300B 1080p Full HD LED 40-in TV with Freeview HD


This TV boasts an A+ energy rating, which is very welcome indeed. But as well as helping to save the environment, you’ll also get low-latency, full-HD gaming at a very nice price, namely £269 from Amazon UK. If you’re on a budget, you could do far worse.


LG 55EC930V Smart Curved 1080p Full HD OLED 55-in TV


This is a bit classy. It’s got a curved screen, for a start. Secondly, it’s OLED, which is the best kind of LED screen around due to its brightness to play Bitcoin Dice, contrast and refresh rate. Be warned, however, that 55 inches is quite large for a 1080p set so you might notice some pixelisation, but if you sit a decent distance from the picture, you will be treated to a fantastic gaming experience. Game mode delivers a 33ms response time too. Great stuff. It’s yours for a mere (cough) £1,279 from Amazon UK, of you can pick up the newer model for $1,997.99 from Amazon US.


Samsung UE32J5100 Full HD 1080p 32 inch LED TV


This TV may be comparatively small at 32-in, but it’s great for gaming, and supports full 1080p HD. It’s got a 200hz refresh rate for flicker-free movement, and 2 HDMI slots. If you’re on a budget and don’t plan to sit too far from the set, this is a great buy – especially as it’s down to just £199 from Amazon UK. That exact model isn’t available from Amazon US, but the very similar Samsung UN32J5003 is, and it’s only $199.


ASUS VE247H 24-in LED 1080p monitor


Finally, while it’s not technically a TV, this budget-price monitor is great for fast-reaction games like Call of Duty. With a 2ms response time and full HD 1080p display, this is perfect for a bedroom gaming setup. It costs just £109.57 from Amazon UK or $136.99 from Amazon US. It’s a bit on the small side, and the speakers are low quality so headphones or external speakers are advised, but in the right environment it’ll do the job nicely for a gamer.


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